Rich History
Our heritage, the footprints we step into, fills us with pride and humility

Our History

Global Presence
Girls High Girls Are Everywhere! Visit News & Highlights to be inspired.

News & Highlights

Powerful Legacy
Our legacy drives us toward a mission of world-changing goals.

Our Mission

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Executive Board Recap

"We’ve already begun activating plans crystalized during the most productive Executive Retreat we’ve ever convened. Yes, I know that I say that every year. It’s simply because, ever year, our retreats keep getting better. Our theme in August was A Vision Forward and we raised the bar. Challenged with an aggressive retreat agenda, we completed a two-year plan and aligned it with our key objectives, all during a single session." Our Presidents Message

Annual Luncheon/Meeting

Don't miss it! Start planning now for the 128th Annual Meeting/Luncheon, Saturday, April 22, 2017 where we’ll feature our own Shirley Clark Franklin, former Mayor of Atlanta. She'll be sharing the wisdom of her experience meeting the challenge of educating future generations.

Our Board